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Welcome to Frances C. Richmond Middle School

The Elective Program at RMS allows students to explore a variety of subjects beyond their core academic classes and to delve into one or more that they feel passionate about.

News & Events

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Latest News

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"We are incredibly fortunate at Maynard House to be able to partner with Sara Ellis at Richmond Middle School in her efforts to inspire students to create beauty that will resonate with others." - Maynard House Facebook page.


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Hanover Conservancy

Former RMS student Ezra began his pursuit of videography as a passion during our remote spring 2 years ago.  We encourage you to take a moment and watch his latest creation marking the 60th anniversary of the Hanover Conservancy.  What a positive outcome of these difficult times. 

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Upcoming Events

RMS Connection

RMS strives to be an inclusive, respectful, supportive, and affirming environment for all of our community members. 

RMS Library

The Library strives to be a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the Frances C. Richmond Middle School community. We connect people with information and teach them how to access, evaluate, and use all types of resources.

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Learn how we inspire students to build the skills and compassion necessary to succeed in a complex world and, as they move toward greater independence, empower them to examine the impact their actions have on themselves, others, and the environment.

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