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Math Team

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How to succeed in Mathcounts: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

You will learn a ton of math tricks in the after school sessions. There are also a plethora of online materials that you should advantage of, these include:


Mondays 3:00-4:00PM

Location: Room 802

What to bring: Pencils, Calculator

Math can often feel like playing a game, like chess. You wouldn't have much success in chess if you didn't know how the pieces moved. So first you need to learn the rules, but just knowing the rules won't get you very far. You also need to learn strategies. To have success in your math classes, you need to learn mathematical formulas and then also learn problem solving strategies for how to solve difficult problems. Mathcounts problems are more like mathematical puzzles. To stick with the chess analogy, the problems would be similar to chess puzzles that you see in newspapers that ask you to find mate in 2. If you enjoy puzzles, and also enjoy math, then Mathcounts is the place for you!

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