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Living Arts

Katherine Urquhart

Katherine Urquhart

Family & Consumer Science Teacher, she/her/hers

The RMS Living Arts classroom walls promote the concepts of balance, variety and moderation; components of design thinking, list steps to success and essential questions. The classes taught vary each day and the classroom adapts depending on the day's focus.

For foods and nutrition classes students sit in a circle for background information, verbal directions and classroom discussions prior to working at the room's six kitchen stations. The center of each kitchen station is a rolling stainless steel table flanked by a sink and stove. These portable kitchen workspaces are pushed aside on days when the classroom transforms to a preschool filled with learning centers. The components of the preschool class Kids and Company escape the small storage closet leaving those unfamiliar with the program to wonder "Does she sleep in that loft?" or "Why are there dress-up clothes in a classroom with a kitchen?"

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