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woodworking with teacher showing students some work
woodworking  class with teacher at the board


student with a chisel in woodshop
student in woodshop
student with a sander in woodshop

Woodworking Projects

bookshelf, made by students, with their work showcased

The students even made the bookshelf!

spoons made by students
wooden spoons made by students sitting on a shelf
spoons made by students
spoons made by students
close up of student made wooden hatchet.
student made items on display.  spoons, trays, paper towel holders
student work, chess boards and spoons
student work on display, bowls and cutting boards
student work on display, bowls, paper towel holders
student work on display, box, spoon, bowls
student work on display, bowls
student work on display, wood burning of a mountain scene
student work on display, a boat
student work on display, cutting boards
student artwork on display, tray
student work on display, table, cutting boards, boxes

Wow, a group project was making the table.

student made hanging boxes
student made cutting board
student made cutting board
student made cutting board

Tools  Still Needed

As we continue to retool (get it, haha) our woodworking program, we are asking if you have some old or extra tools you are not using, consider donating them to RMS.  The the moment we are looking for the following:

Block planes

Bevel chisels

We would like to thank Preservation Timber Framing of Berwick, ME for our first donation.