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Principal Boyle at his desk

Welcome to the Administrators Corner. My name is Tim Boyle, principal of Frances C. Richmond Middle School (RMS). Each Friday I will use this space to keep you updated on important events and topics from our school. This "Richmond Friday Focus" will supplement my twitter feed (in the column to the right), where I will post events important to our community. You will also find Anissa Morrison's, Associate Principal, twitter feed. We welcome any and all feedback.

I hope you find all of this information helpful, informative and fun.


Week of January 23 - 27

Important Dates                                  

  • Jan 27 - 700-830 pm - RMS Decades Social
  • Jan 31 - 5:30 pm - Hanover High School Curriculum Night - HHS auditorium
  • Feb. 1 - 600 pm - Family Round Table - Middle  School Learning - How does it work? - Register
  • Feb 7 and 9 - Musical Auditions after school
  • Feb 9 - 730 - 900 am - Parent/Admin Coffee
  • Feb 9 - Bake Sale to benefit SAGE identified charities
  • Feb 20 - 24 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

Thoughts from the front office

Dear RMS Family:

Tonight we have our “Decades Social” from 7-8:30, tickets available at the door.  Our snowbanks make visibility in parking lots and circles even more difficult than normal, so please drive carefully and remember that middle school students sometimes get distracted and do not pay the closest attention.  

Thank you to all the folks who have braved the pick up and drop off lines recently, the snow makes that more difficult also.  Please remember to pull as far forward in the cut outs as possible - this eliminates confusion over the spaces.

Our calendar over the next week remains full (sometimes with rescheduled events). 

  • Tuesday, January 31st - 5:30 pm - Hanover High School Curriculum night in the HHS auditorium.  HHS departments will offer information about course offerings (more limited for 9th graders than subsequent years) and sequence of study.  RMS will begin specific discussions about individual plans with students in the coming weeks.  We always receive a number of questions about the math curriculum at the HS, and would like to provide the most up to date information
  • Wednesday, Feb. 1st,  at 6 pm in the RMS library we will hold our first parent round table of 2023.  This will be a time and place for parents (and some RMS adults) to gather and discuss the specifics of middle school learning and steps adults can take to help students grow as learners.  Together we will touch on topics of learning style and executive functioning (why do middle school students lose so much stuff, for example), and continue to build a community of adults who work with students to make learning more effective.  Everyone is welcome.  If you think you might like to join us, please fill out the following “registration form.”  
  • February 7th and 9th - Musical  Auditions - RMS Theatre Department will be holding auditions for our spring musical, James and the Giant Peach on February 7th and 9th! Interested students should see Mrs. Emmerton or Ms. Hadden for more information or to get an audition form. You can also learn more at the RMS Theatre website and click on “Spring Play Audition Info.”
  • Thank you to the PTO once again for compiling photos of items currently in our Lost and Found Links.  Please see the items in the below link.  We hope to dramatically decrease this number by Winter break. -

Finally, thank you for the support and understanding as we work through our most disruptive winter season in recent memory.  We will continue to shift lessons to fit new schedules and work to adapt to the changes thrown our way.  Middle school is a time of change and we hope that we can model adeptly changing for our students.  While RMS does not have any input in snow decisions, we appreciate everyone’s dedication to taking care of each other by trying to keep everyone safe.

We are hoping for a full week next week, and looking forward to a great Q3.  Please enjoy our wintry weekend - stay well, be safe, and take care of each other.

Tim Boyle
Anissa Morrison
Associate Principal