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Principal Boyle at his desk

Welcome to the Administrators Corner. My name is Tim Boyle, principal of Frances C. Richmond Middle School (RMS). Each Friday I will use this space to keep you updated on important events and topics from our school. This "Richmond Friday Focus" will supplement my twitter feed (in the column to the right), where I will post events important to our community. You will also find Anissa Morrison's, Associate Principal, twitter feed. We welcome any and all feedback.

I hope you find all of this information helpful, informative and fun.


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Thoughts from the Front Office

Dear RMS Community:

This morning’s temperature revealed that fall has escalated quickly!  One of the under-appreciated joys of greeting middle school students every morning is to see the varied responses to the first cooler weather.  Today we saw the full range from shorts and t shirts to jackets and long pants (with a strong contingent of the northern NE fall uniform of a jacket with shorts).  It served as yet another reminder of the diversity of our student body, all navigating the world in a way that works for them.  

Another unique feature of RMS continues to be the creative use of space throughout the school day.  Counterintuitively we see a great deal of academic work taking place outside of the classroom as students gather on hallway benches, in the library, and in stairwells to collaborate on work and solve problems.  This morning I witnessed 6th graders proof reading each other’s paragraphs about favorite children’s books, 8th graders experimenting with their balloon powered cars for the science + class, and language classes working on dialogues while sitting in the sunshine.  The buzz of learning is a wonderful thing!

Every week we are treated to new art in our halls, some of which is below.

student artwork of sunflowers



student art work on display











In addition sharing some of the joy from RMS, we also wanted to share some news.

As you probably know we have seen an increase in the number of positive COVID tests in our community, with a corresponding increase in the number of masks in the building as folks work to take care of each other.  Understanding that the guidelines for COVID have undergone many changes, Nurse Abby asks you to check out the SAU COVID page for up-to-date protocols. Please call with any questions. 

If you have questions about school pictures, please see the link in the below section that will allow you to access proofs of your child’s picture.  

We also wanted to congratulate our Guidance Counselor Liz Powers on the birth of Owen Powers!  Please join us in welcoming Lara Quillia to the RMS family as our new counselor during Liz’s leave.  

Finally, we wanted to pass along some great advice from outside of our wonderful library. 

RMS Library signs: Believe in yourself, dream big, be kind

Have a wonderful two day weekend, the next one will be longer!  Be well, stay safe, and take care of each other.

Tim Boyle
Anissa Morrison
Associate Principal