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Friday Focus

Welcome to the Friday Focus. Our weekly newsletter will be posted here. It will include the Administrator's message, important updates, and fun things happening around our school.

Most Recent Friday Focus:

Important Dates                                  

December 21st - Last Day of classes in 2021.

December 21st - 6 pm - Dresden School Board Budget Presentation, Public Hearing, and Regular Meeting.  Zoom Link to webinar

December 22nd - Jan 2nd - No school for winter break

January 3rd - Return to school

February 1st - Evening - HHS curriculum night for 8th graders

Thoughts from the Front Office

Dear RMS Community:

We have reached the final day of school for 2021, the shortest of the year.  The focus will honor that brevity as well.  Please enjoy the break from school, time with loved ones, hopefully good weather, and some time for restful reflection.  We cannot thank you enough for your support during this crazy calendar year.  Lighter days are coming.

RMS will be closed for the duration of the beak.  We have asked teachers to refrain from assigning or grading work - trying to give everyone time to recharge in anticipation of 2022.  We will check emails periodically, but hope that everyone takes this opportunity to unplug and pursue your own passions.  

Until January 3rd, please stay safe, be well, and take care of each other.


Tim Boyle
Anissa Morrison
Associate Principal


School News & Information

RMS Cafe

If you have any questions, concerns, or dietary restrictions please contact Austin Jacobs.

RMS does offer a lunch program for families who may need assistance or special needs.  Please contact Robin Morley-Ploof in the office for more information.


Club News Dungeons and Dragons/Magic The Gathering Club
 Will meet Monday after break. We are currently looking for interested adults to help with the club (Our resident dungeon master went back to college.)  

On Thursdays a group of students are meeting in the library 3:00-4:00 to share their enthusiasm for the Rubiks Cube.  Anyone is welcome to join and there are extra cubes for people that don't own one.  

January 12 will be the first meeting of the movie making club, a collaboration between RMS and CATV.  This round of the club is only open to 8th graders.  Contact Mr LaCrosse if your student is interested.  

From Student Council  
January will be busy with activities around Civil Rights day and lots of other fun things.

PTO Bulletin Board

Please join the PTO at our NEW Facebook Page at RMSPTOFB (this is different from, and replaces, the previous PTO FB Group.)  

Why not take a moment and put all the PTO meetings for the rest of the school year in your calendar? Poof! Done! Meetings are via Zoom until further notice, and the link is sent in Friday Focus the Friday before each meeting and via PTO email.

Hope to see you!

Monday, January 10, 2022 6:30pm 

Monday, February 7, 2022 6:30pm

Monday, March 7, 2022 6:30pm

Monday, April 4, 2022 6:30pm 

Monday, May 16, 2022 6:30pm   


nd of year donations to the PTO can be made here: or by check sent to Richmond Middle School PTO, 63 Lyme Rd, Hanover NH 03755 Thank you!