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Arrival & Dismissal

All students and visitors will enter the Richmond School through the main lobby. Students who arrive before 7:55 a.m. should wait in the lobby, the gym, the Library, in our outdoor play spaces, or the Cafe. At 7:55 students are dismissed to homerooms, where attendance is taken at 8:00. Daily announcements are read in homeroom , and students are responsible for knowing the information in the notices. Announcements are also posted electronically in Powerschool each day.School ends at 3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and at 2:00 on Wednesday. Students are expected to return to homerooms at the end of the day to receive notices and be dismissed.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive after 8:00 a.m. will report to the office upon arrival and receive a pass to class from Admin. If students do not check in at the office, they will be reported as absent.


A parent/guardian should call (603-643-6040) the office or email  before 8:00 am if a student will be absent. Otherwise, the school will call parents/guardians at home or at work to confirm the absence. Students who are absent from school may not attend school functions held on the day of the absence without special permission from the principal or associate principal.  We encourage you to notify the school of planned absences in advance.

Dismissals During School Hours

If a student needs to be dismissed during the school day, a parent should email the office at and indicate the time of departure and destination.  If the student is bringing in a handwritten note instead, please bring the note to the main office before homeroom.  If it is a recurring appointment, please indicate that in the correspondence and be sure to include the expected end date.  

Teachers will be notified in Powerschool of a student’s requested absence from class, so that the student may leave at the appropriate time and check out with the office.  Parents do not need to come in to sign out their student if either an email or note has been provided in advance.  Students who return to school that day must sign back in at the office and get a pass back to class.

Parents Away

Parents/guardians should notify the school in advance, in writing or by email, when they are away. In case of an emergency, the school always needs contact information including the name, home and work telephone numbers of the responsible adult while parents/guardians are traveling.

Extended Family Vacations

Extended vacations or extra vacations during school time are discouraged. Keeping up with work missed is very difficult, and much of class work cannot be duplicated. Students are responsible for making up all work missed when out of school for a family vacation. The school requests one week’s written or email notice from parents/guardians to prepare work assignments in advance.

If a student will be away from school for more than 15 school days on an extended trip, the school will not be responsible for preparing work assignments. Parents should contact the principal to discuss the most appropriate way for the student to stay abreast of the material the class will be covering and what resources the school is able to provide.

Dresden Policy JH: Attendance, Absenteeism, and Truancy can be found at here. *Please note the changes adopted by the Dresden School Board regarding process and procedures for addressing school absenteeism (6/2017).  

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