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School Safety

School Safety
Fire Drills

We all hope there will never be a fire or other emergency in our school, but emergency procedures must be taken seriously. Each student is expected to:                                              
  • Know the proper exit from any part of the building – a chart is posted in each room - and know the location where your homeroom assembles.
  • Be ready to act in case of an emergency - think clearly and avoid confusion.
  • Walk in a quiet and orderly manner; stay with the class teacher.
  • Leave the building in a quiet and orderly manner; stay outside until requested to return.
  • If the fire alarm rings when you are not with a teacher, leave the building by the nearest exit and walk outside until you meet your homeroom teacher.

Shelter in Place Drills

Enter the nearest supervised classroom and listen for further instructions. If you are in the bathroom or the hallway and a shelter in place is called, find the nearest classroom that has an adult present. If you are outside the building, follow directions from the supervising adult.                                                    

Evacuation Drills

Leave the building in a quiet and orderly manner. Stay outside until requested to return. Since in a real evacuation we may not be allowed back into the building, make sure that you and your parents/guardians have discussed how you will return to your own residence should we dismiss school from an alternate site (Ray School).                                                    

Dangerous Possessions                                                      

Dangerous possessions such as guns, knives, lighters, or matches are not appropriate for school. They will be confiscated and a consequence will be administered to the student in possession of such items.

Visitors (Adult)                                                       

All visitors, including parents, guardians and substitutes, must check in at the office each

time they come to the Richmond School. Visitors must wear a school name tag, and comply with current masking directives.  This is a part of our school safety plan and helps everyone feel more secure.

Guests (Student)                                                        

Students may bring a middle school age guest to school with prior permission (at least one day in advance) of the principal and the teachers involved. The visit may be for one half day and may not occur during the first or last month of school, on days when field trips are planned, or the day before a vacation. The student hosting the visitor should obtain a Student Visitor Pass from the office, which should be completed in advance with contact information etc., and handed in to the office when the visitor checks in. Hosts are expected to introduce their guests to all relevant adults as well as friends.