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Summary of Dresden Safe School Zone Policy - JICD

The School District’s safe school zone policy provides the rules by which students are to be disciplined in the Dresden School District. It also establishes types of violations which will result in suspensions and expulsions from the Dresden School District. The policy implements the requirements of RSA 193:13 and 193:D. The policy is divided into eight (8) separate parts. The first part provides specific definitions used in the policy. The second part lists the specific acts which may result in expulsion from the schools. The third part describes the acts which may result in suspension from the schools. The fourth part describes the particular procedures that are used in disciplining students at the Dresden Schools, which include the specific procedures that are followed and the appeal rights that the students and parents may have. The fifth part provides the procedures by which the students are to be notified of the policy and assures that copies of the relevant policies and statutes are available to teachers and students. The sixth part provides for specific waivers, procedures of appeal, and review of decisions to suspend or expel a student. Part seven provides for the specific procedures required by law to report acts of theft, destruction or violence in a safe school zone to the local police department as well as the State Board of Education, and further provides that certain acts committed by students in grade 8 or below are not reported to the local law enforcement officials. Instead, the parents of all the students involved are directly notified by the School District. Part eight describes how the disciplinary procedures will be applied to students with educational disabilities. Specifically, students who have been determined to be educationally disabled are to be treated in accordance with state regulations pertaining to educationally disabled students. Further, it provides that an educationally disabled student who brings a firearm onto school property or possesses one on school property may be transferred to an alternative educational setting for a period of time permitted by federal statutes.

Policy JICD can be viewed in its entirety on BoardDocs.