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Internet Access Guidelines

At RMS we use technology as a tool for learning – be it for research, calculations, data collection, interviews, creative projects or other educational endeavors. It is also a tool for building a collaborative community through peer reviews, group projects, sharing data and other means.

We do not support using technology in any way that is distracting to learning, harmful to the community, or interferes with academic integrity and privacy. Moreover, we want to promote a diversity of social interactions at RMS. We aim to provide technology-free time during the school day to support this.


Internet Guidelines For Personal Safety and Appropriate Use

1. All Internet use must be approved for educational purposes.

2. Students should avoid revealing any personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.).

3. Students should cite all sources of information using MLA 7th edition style. 


Personal Technology Use Policy                                          

Use of personal devices in the classroom is at the individual teacher’s discretion. Each grade level team may have more detailed guidelines in addition to these:


1. All technology use must conform to the RMS Behavioral Expectations.

2. Personal technology use at RMS is for academic purposes only, unless permission for a specific non-academic use is granted by the supervising adult.

3. Any damage to school technology caused by student use of personal technology will result in

disciplinary action and the possibility of monetary restitution.

4. Violation of any of the above provisions may result in the loss of personal technology privileges.

5. RMS is not responsible for loss or theft of personal electronic devices. 

SAU 70 AUP Policy