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RMS Land Acknowledgement

goose on the water

We, the RMS community, would like to acknowledge that our school is built upon the unceded land of the Abenaki and Pennacook peoples.  The land was stolen.  We recognize that these people were removed by the government and did not willingly leave.  This displacement still affects indigenous people today.   For example, many nations locally and across the United States do not have access to clean water and other vital resources.  Despite its stained past, we are grateful to be able to use this land to learn, grow, and draw inspirations from the indigenous people.  We are indebted to them because we all have benefited from this land.  Therefore, we are committed to support and preserve native communities living here today.  While we cannot change the past we can dedicate ourselves to creating a better future for all.

Photo credit: Ezra McGinley-Smith